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San Diego Area Attractions

San Diego: So Much to See and Do!

It is no wonder that people from around the world flock to California. There are so many things to see and do. What many people don’t realize is how much there is to do in California that doesn’t relate to a little mouse in red shorts!

In fact, many of California’s favorite attractions lie far to the south of Anaheim!  For example you can spend a day at Sea World in San Diego and not begin to see all the spectacular shows and displays that capture the imagination.  Whether you simply want to see Shamu® or learn more about the underwater world of killer whales at the One Ocean® presentation, your entire family will thrill to the multi-sensory celebration of water life. 

Want to take it outdoors again? Check out Sea World’s Blue Horizons®, watch as dolphins fly, birds soar and pilot whales perform dramatic demonstrations of their water skills, mixing water born and air born spectaculars! Whatever you choose to do, you will find plenty of wonderful things to do at Sea World!

San Diego Zoo and things to do If you are inspired by the birds at Sea World, you might also thrill to the wonderful display of airplanes at the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum that range in age from World War II to Desert Storm.  There are 60 exhibits that illustrate the history of flight in the mid to late 20th century.

The San Diego Zoo is known the world over as a standard setter in allowing visitors to take a glimpse into the world of animals from around the globe.  Here you can find reptiles, birds, insects, spiders, mammals and amphibians. They also feature a delightful safari park.

Not enough to satisfy you yet? San Diego has some of the best beaches in the world! Most are free and allow a variety of activities like swimming, surfing and diving.

Your kids will love Lego Land and it wouldn’t be surprising to find a number of adults working intently on block shaped works of art!  A highlight of Lego Land is a 312 foot water pipe. There is also a Lego Land castle and even a knight.

Of course, one of the longest lasting tourist stops is Knott’s Berry Farm. Here you will find a theme park that boasts eight roller coasters including the Ghostrider, a 118 foot tall coaster with a 108 foot drop.  There are also a variety of less stressful rides, water features and live entertainment.

Check it out for yourself and you will see that no matter where you go in San Diego, you will find a variety of activities that will keep the entire family thrilled and interested.