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Earthquakes in San Diego

Posted By Shirley Smith @ Apr 14th 2014 10:00am In: General Real Estate

Falling Objects are the Biggest Source of Damage                                                            

California Freeway Earthquake

In light of last week's earthquake, I found the following tips on Disaster Safety.

According to FEMA, falling object cause the most injuries and damage.  

Answer the questions below to help determine what other risks your property might face. Then, visit the earthquake-related projects on this site to find step-by-step guidance to reduce the risk of damage.


1.  Does your building have the lowest floor supported on short frame walls?
2.  Is your water heater strapped to the wall? Are the pipe connections to the water heater flexible?
3.  Do you have natural gas appliances? Are the gas supply lines to the appliances flexible?
4.  Are your book cases and any large mirrors strapped to the wall framing?
5.  Are suspended ceilings fixtures anchored to reduce their movement in an earthquake?
6.  Are large glass panes coated on the inside with a protective film that will reduce the chances of glass shards exploding across the room?
7.  Are televisions, computer monitors and other expensive electronics restrained or anchored to the walls, shelves or desktops so that they will not fall over or fall off in an earthquake?
8.  Are there latches on cabinet doors that will prevent them from popping open and spilling contents of the cabinets all over the floor?

Addressing structural vulnerabilities for earthquakes usually requires the services of a structural engineer, who can evaluate and develop reasonable remedial measures to reduce risks.

Many times as you can see its simple things that can make a big difference such as attaching your big items to the walls and strapping water heater (which is required by CA).  Assess your risk and take steps to make your home safe for you and your family.

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