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Real Estate Market Shows Good Statistics for 2013 San Diego

Posted By Aprillette Sulib @ May 6th 2013 8:58pm In: General Real Estate

Trying to decide when to put up your house for sale? Well chances are that this year may be a good time for the real estate industry since current figures show an increase in demand.

Real Estate Statistics

Recently, buyers are doing their best to take the opportunity of purchasing homes because of its record low or least minimum interest rates on home mortgages. Prices for homes have elevated while inventories have continued to drop, causing bidding conflicts to occur in some markets.  The average number of days for a house to be up for sale on the real estate market has substantially gone down as well. So what could be more than good timing this year?

  • Would-be buyers scrambling for super low interest rates on mortgaged homes.
  • Home inventories have dropped.
  • The number of days for a home to stay up for sale in the open market has decreased.

So if you are planning to sell your home, now may be the best time to do so. Take a look at all the factors in the real estate business, indicating that would-be sellers are in for a good ride this year.

As mentioned in Corelogic, the regular price on a home across the US market has increased by 8.3 % as compared to the previous year to 2012 in December.

Real Estate Home Price Index Report 

Geographically comprehensive and current home price index.

real estate statistics

Real Estate Report Highlights

The National Association of Realtors also noted that the sum of all the homes posted on the real estate market since January 2013 showed a decline of 1.74 million units which indicate a 25% drop from last year. These figures have resulted in a big fall in home inventory at its lowest level for the past 13 years.  

The group also reported that the number of days for a home to be up for sale in the market this January 2013 was down to 71 days only. This means that 50% of all the homes marketed that month was sold during that period of time.  This was not the case back in 2012, where homes were being sold within a span of 99 days and even more. 

Overall, the current figures are signs of good times to come for would-be sellers who are planning to sell their home in the real estate market this 2013. 

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