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Think About Going Green

Posted By Shirley Smith @ Apr 22nd 2014 1:02am In: Green Home


As a society, we have been spoiled. We were lead down a path of consumption. Luckily, as a society we found to an agreement (most of us anyway), that we are killing the environments we so much need to thrive on this planet. Most of us are in agreement that we need to preserve the planet for generations to come. Green houses are springing up all over the San Diego County area. So, what exactly is a “green house?” Let’s explore the features and benefits a Green house has to offer, not only you, but the environment.

First, an orientation of sorts . . . on sustainable architecture, which is a relatively new tern in Real Estate.

Green building practices offer an opportunity to create environmentally sound and resource-efficient buildings by using an integrated approach to design. Green buildings promote resource conservation, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation features; consider environmental impacts and waste minimization; create a healthy and comfortable environment; reduce operation and maintenance costs; and address issues such as historical preservation, access to public transportation and other community infrastructure systems. The entire life cycle of the building and its components is considered, as well as the economic and environmental impact and performance. (Compliments of: Group K-1)

There are so many options in Green housing. You don’t have to go cold-turkey. You have options to change little by little. Solar hot water heating, is one cool option that could, not only save you money, but help the earth. Green houses come in all shapes and sizes. So, when looking for Green, what should you look for?

*Location- Green locations are old parking lots, abandoned factories, and strip malls. A Green location is located within a short bicycle ride to work and shopping.

*Design- Natural lighting (75% natural light) is foremost importance to Green designed homes. I could go on for pages about Green designing, so I will dedicate the next article to exactly that.

*Size- Downsizing is another factor to keeping costs to you and the environment down. Less space uses less energy: you pay less . . . you use less.

*Materials- San Diego Green homes are built of organic, non-toxic furnishings and materials.

*Water- Irrigation systems and water collecting systems keep your kitchen and other rooms efficient and conservative.

You have the option of choosing one, or all, of the above. As you upgrade your Green, you can rest assured that you are living healthily inside (for you family), and outside (for the environment). Contact me today to discuss your Green Living!

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